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We offer a range of services to provide safety, and security and to enhance your home. Our services include safety checks, switchboard upgrades, re-wiring, security lighting, and installing of air-conditioning and downlighting. 

We can provide options for external power as well as install an EV charge if you have an electric car. We pride ourselves on being friendly, courteous, on-time, and tidy. 

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General Electrical

Safety, Security, Enhancing

Safety Inspection

We’ve put together a comprehensive 20-point safety checklist that will ensure your family’s or tenant’s safety. Starting from your switchboard, we’ll inspect all circuit breakers and safety switches to ensure they are compliant and operating correctly. We will also inspect your lights and down lights making sure they have been installed correctly and are not covered by insulation. We check your power points to ensure there’s a good earth and polarity check. We also make sure your smoke detectors are operating correctly.

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Quite often, electrical wiring is overlooked. Mainly because it’s out of sight being hidden by plaster and if the lights and appliances are working you can’t detect a problem. The issue is that insulation deteriorates and in some cases actually falls off the wires. This can create a high risk of shorting out and causing a fire. If you’re unsure about the wiring in your house or office, we can inspect this for you and ensure it’s safe. 

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Switchboard Upgrades

Electrical safety is our highest priority, having an out of date, non-compliant switchboard can leave you and your family at high risk of fire or electrocution. 

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