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For your once-off installation or electrical maintenance, One Stop Electrical is your go-to team. Engage us to keep your shop, office, factory, plant, or warehouse safe, secure, and comfortable. If you have high-access needs, we have the gear ready to go.

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Quite often, electrical wiring is overlooked. Mainly because it’s out of sight being hidden by plaster and if the lights and appliances are working you can’t detect a problem. The issue is that insulation deteriorates and in some cases actually falls off the wires. This can create a high risk of shorting out and causing a fire. If you’re unsure about the wiring in your factory or office, we can inspect this for you and ensure it’s safe. 

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Switchboard Upgrades

Electrical safety is our highest priority, and we want to make sure your office, factory, warehouse, or plant remains safe for you and your workers. Having an out-of-date, non-compliant switchboard can leave you and your team at high risk of fire or electrocution. If you are unsure about your metre or switchboard we can come and inspect it for you.

Test & Tagging

Having your appliance tested and tagged is crucial for the safety of your staff and yourself. Test and Tagging needs to be undertaken each year and is mandatory. There are many factors that can impact the safety of an appliance that’s why all appliances are checked in the environment in which they are used. As part of our Test and Tag service a report will be given on each tool/appliance and a due date for re-testing.


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